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Working in Canada

Canada is a country of opportunities to brighten your future. Each year thousands of foreign national come to Canada for seeking employment opportunities. the work because working in Canada provides with valuable experience as well as a secure pathway to Permanent Residency. Moreover, Working in Canada is also an excellent first step for those seeking to immigrate to the country permanently.
A work permit is a legal document permitting a foreign national to engage in employment while inside of Canada.
To understand the different types of work visas and their process, Gusto Immigration’s comprehensive solution provides you support to obtain a work visa in Canada in various categories.

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Work Visa Categories

Open Work Permits

Open Work Permit is available for individuals who qualify under the International Mobility Program. To be eligible for an Open Work Permit you must meet certain criteria.

An open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada, except for an employer:

Employer-Specific Work Permits

Temporary Foreign employees who come to Canada for work on closed work permits, which limit the location and conditions of the work one can do. Obtaining a closed work permit usually starts with an employer making an application for a LMIA, which is the written authorization needed to hire a Foreign Worker.

An employer-specific work permit allows you to work according to the conditions on your work permit, which include

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In Canada, you’ll find extremely warm and welcoming people who come from varied ethnic groups with different cultures and lifestyle. The multicultural environment in Canada promotes friendliness and peaceful living like no other country.

Canadian working conditions are of high standard. Having a growing labour market, professionals and skilled trades are of high demand and hence one would definitely be able to score a job that one likes.

Canada itself being a country of settlers is very welcoming to new immigrants. After studying and working for a certain period in Canada, an individual can apply for permanent residency and then further choose to apply for Citizenship.

Certain circumstances allow for individuals to work in Canada without first obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment.


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